Let the trip begin.


We made it! First destination Los Angeles. The day started off with a blast of winter in Calgary, which caused our flight to be delayed for 45 mins for de-icing. Ugh.  We sailed through to LA and quickly made our way to Santa Monica. The Pier did not disappoint: thousands of people, a movie/commercial being shot, and all of the associated chaos that goes along with it.

The kids had a fantastic time running down the beach, splashing in the waves, being scolded by us to “not get too wet”. Mission not accomplished. Sometimes I have to remind myself what it was like to be a little person.

A nice meal of tacos and a multitude of hot sauces, followed by the beautiful LA sunset was a wonderful way to end our first day of the adventure.

Bed time: 8:45pm, big day of travel ahead.

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