Quito - Macy

Adios Quito.

Sunday oct 8 – Monday oct 9
 On Sunday morning I woke up and our family talked about what to do and we decided to go to a museum. So we started walking and when we got there it was closed.  But there was a park close to it so we walked there, and had a snack. While we were eating a snack my dad looked at places close to it and there was a church named  BASILICA DEL VOT0 NACIONAL. So we walked there. The church is over 100 years old. The construction began in 1887 and the style is called “ Neo-Gothic Ecuadorian architecture”.  It was a really big church  with a tower that you could go in. Our family decided to go in it and our journey began by going up 100 and 100 of stairs. When you got to the top of a certain type of stairs, you had to cross a bridge.  After you crossed a very long wooden bridge with lots of people you had to climb straight up stairs. Then there were 2 more flights of straight up stairs. Oh my back hurts. Then you were finally at the top. We walked around the very squishy top for a while then we went back down all of those stairs and had some very good lunch, and saw this baby husky who is the 2 cutest dog I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current day oct 9 
It is our last day in Quito, and of course we had to go to the equator.
 My favorite part of the day is when the taxi driver came to the equator and when I was standing on the northern hemisphere and the south hemisphere.
Mi parte favorita del día es fue cuando yo estaba de pie en el hemisferio norte y sur.
Adios Quito por 6 meses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 ******

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