Cuenca - Macy

A day in the life in Cuenca.

Sunday the 15 2017
Omg…….. I am so excited to go to  a dairy farm. An American family owns it, we are going to stay there for three nights.  I am also excited to go back to Calgary and maybe get a hamster 🐹. I really want one because my cousins just got one yesterday, and because they are cute.  I also  think I have enough money because the hamster itself is only about twelve dollars and the cage is about $100,  but my brother and I are going to combine our money for the clear ball, the toys and the bedding. My brother wants to get a hamster too, but he has $300 so we would probably be able to get a hamster.

Anyway, today was a long day because we walked to a mall to spend $25 from my dad’s friend Ryan Cowie and his wife Jenn.  We got it to spend in South America and get a little something along the way, it was really nice of them to do that. The walk to the mall was about forty minutes, but that mall did not have anything we wanted to buy.  So my dad looked at other malls near by and there was one that was a seven minute drive so we took a cab there.  Jasper even sat in the front and told the taxi driver in Spanish where we wanted to go next. That mall was much bigger and had way more floors. It also had a bigger food court and even bungee jumping for little kids, which I thought was pretty cute.

We decided to look at some stores. After looking in a few stores we all noticed that we were pretty hungry, so of course we went to the food court and ate some food 🥘. There was an arcade in the food court, so my dad said to go look and see how much it was. He gave us enough money to play a few games each.  One of the arcade games caught on fire and they had to use a fire extinguisher on it!

Next we decided to walk home.  Mother Nature cried so hard, which means it poured rain on us. After that exhausting walk, I came running to our house and had something to eat and wrote my blog.

A few days ago I had the biggest calzone I have ever seen in my life!  Here is a picture of it.
I just cannot stop 🛑  thinking 🤔 about going to the dairy 🥛 farm!!  I am just so excited 😆
Here is a link to the farm we will hopefully be going to:
See you next time when once again I am in the dairy farm or before.

2 thoughts on “A day in the life in Cuenca.

  1. Macy!!
    We love reading about your adventures, your food, your future hamster and the dairy farm! Remember when we stayed at the dairy farm in PEI?
    The Oos.


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