Cuenca - Jasper

I did it.

Before we even left for the trip, I had some expectations, some worries and some hopes. A lot of those feelings changed drastically. My expectations for the house were that it was going to be a very tiny house that is really dirty and super old. No, no and no it is a giant house that has two ginormous floors, three bathrooms, and 5 beds. It is still really old but it seems like it was built a day ago. I already knew that there was going to be no clean water. So when I got here it wasn’t much of a surprise.

The most recent interaction with somebody that I didn’t know was with my Spanish teacher, his name is Luis. He is a really good, fun, nice guy. The very first lesson that he did with me he didn’t know how good I was at Spanish so he just tested me.

I was almost crying because I was soooooo nervous about going to soccer. I had to wear a orange jersey because it was Wednesday. When I got there there were some kids playing a soccer game. It looked like they were having lots of fun. When the coordinators came I had to go on the dust field. I was so nervous because he introduced me to the whole group. I almost cried. During the first drill I sort of made a friend. His name was Miguel, he was a pretty nice guy. He was the friendliest at least.

My first Academy in Cuenca

They talked at about 999 999 999 kilometres an hour. Well the point is that they talked really fast. It was sort of hard to understand because they mumbled a lot. They also wanted me to talk in English, so I said hummingbird. Then they asked me to say a sentence, so I said I like to play soccer. They asked me what it meant so I said it in Spanish. Almost like this A mi me gusta jugar fútbol. It was really funny knowing a language that they don’t.

It lasted 1 hour and a quarter, of very exciting and nerve wracking minutes. After it finished I was relieved, I was also very happy. I got to have very yummy peanuts and raisins after. It was a twenty minute walk back to our house. It was very fun because I got to talk in English.

That night I got to pick the movie because I went to the soccer academy. I picked a very funny movie called Change Up. It was to0 inappropriate so I picked a movie called Anchorman. It was a movie with Will Ferrel. He is a comedian so it was really funny. It had a lot of humour to it. We didn’t get to watch the whole movie because it was too long. I still got to read Harry Potter though, it is very romantic right now.

Chau Jasper

3 thoughts on “I did it.

  1. I’ve been waiting for this update Jasper!!! You did it!! Amazing:):):) Want to know something crazy… I GUARANTEE by the end of your trip you will understand them when they talk that fast. One day it just happens! You just have to listen and pick out whatever words you can for now.
    You should be incredibly proud of yourself. It’s a big deal to push ourselves to do something that terrifies us. You did it! Imagine the sic skills you will have when you get back!!:):)


  2. Jasper, sounds like you are having a great time. We really enjoy hearing from you and your family.
    Uncle John and Auntie Patsy


  3. Jasper what a combination of exciting challenges! Trying to play soccer with new kids AND attempting to understand their language. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was reading your blog. Even I needed raisins and peanuts just to calm myself down.
    Love you!


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