Cuenca - Macy

Pools and palabras.

October 18 2017
Yesterday late morning a teacher came over named Luis. It was my first time having him over. He was a great teacher, he taught me about different objects in the house. I already have homework. The homework is pretty easy. Luis was a different teacher in a way that I have not seen. We talked in Spanish the whole time……… he said that if I do not understand a word in Spanish he will tell me. He taught me Spanish for 45 minutes. He also taught my brother for 45 minutes, then my mom for one hour.

After he taught me and Jasper, we decided to go to a swimming pool. It was a thirty minute walk from our house. The swimming pool was huge, the lanes were 50 meters!!!!! I did 2 laps, which was 100 meters; my brother did 3 laps, which was 150 meters; and my dad did 8 laps, which was 400 meters. In the swimming pool there was also a gigantic hot tub. The pool was an a Olympic pool. There were 7 diving boards including a flipped up spring board. I went off of a 1 metre and a 3 metre diving board. The three metre board was pretty scary because the ladder to get up to it was straight up, but when you got to the top it was still a tiny bit scary.  After you jumped off you would want to do it A MILLION more times because it was really fun. There was this one spot in the hot tub that was cold. I really liked that spot because when I felt sick, but still wanted to stay in the tub, I could go to that spot. After we got dressed we were pretty hungry so we got to go to a McDonald’s and share 2 medium Cokes and 3 medium fries 🍟. That helped a lot!!!!!!!!

 Ayer yo voy a una piscina con mi hermano y mi papa. La piscina es una olímpico piscina. La piscina tiene 6 trampolínes.  !Me gusta la piscina mucho!!!
This was supposed to be posted but I forgot to edit it with my mom!!!

4 thoughts on “Pools and palabras.

  1. Me Gusta the Spanish at the end Macy! La Piscina sounds like SO much fun. Does McDonalds taste the same down there?

    ~Jessica pronounced Hessica in Spanish right?!!! Lol

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  2. Diving off a board that’s a little scary is what all of us try to do when we are your age Macy. Wanting to do it a million more times is left for the brave. Love you. Bobeh

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