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Día de la Independencia

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What’s happening in Cuenca? 

It is currently November 8, 2017. I am getting so excited for Hacienda Cha Chan (Hacienda Chan Chan is a dairy farm). We are going to the farm on Friday and it is Wednesday early night.

I am really tired because today was an exhausting today, as I hiked to a viewpoint with a church. The church is called la Iglesia de Turi. To the church it is about a ONE-HOUR walk. It is on the other side of the city. You have the option to take a tour bus but our family walks.

Half of the way is walking to the stairs and the other half is going up the stairs. I have done Turi three times. I did a walk there today, another one yesterday and one time in October. Turi is pretty easy for me because I have done it 3 times. The viewpoint is beautiful, you can see all of Cuenca. You can even see Cajas, a hiking spot. I would go up there every day if I could.

Independence holiday is over!!!!!

Nooooooooooo!!!!! Independence day here is apparently a popular thing. Tents are set up. People stay up late, music when I am trying to sleep. But after Independence Day is over there are not a lot people walking around, no more festivals, and last but not least no more stages.  

It was really weird last night there WERE FIRE WORKS, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS not Independence Day. Anyway back to Independence Day. Independence day was a really big holiday. SOMETIMES MY mom would even go check out some of the festivalS that were happening at night. When she was out my brother my dad and I would be watching a movie or doing something else.  

Near our house there is a park called “Parque De La Madre”. In the park there were tents set up with people selling crafts and decorations. Some people were selling boxes made out of wood; people were also selling scarves, bracelets, and posters, spectacular things made out of metal. I thought it was really cool to see things in Ecuador that I have never seen in my life. I miss Independence Day. 

Get this, sometimes when my mom would arrive and my brother and I would Already Be in bed. One time, when I was getting ready for bed and reaching out for my pajamas, I saw this gigantic spider. It was so big that I cried, my dad heard me crying so he came over to my room but he could not see any spider. He said “Macy what’s wrong?” I said “there is a spider in my room”. My dad thought it was just a little spider, but when he saw it in his mind he said to himself OH MY GOSH THAT IS BIG. Luckily, we caught the spider and put it outside.

By the way this was supposed to be posted about a week ago.

Extraño el Dia de la Independencia porque no voy a regresar. En el Dia de la Independencia hay artesanos con decoraciones. Además hay muchos festivales. También hay personas cantando y bailando. Me gusta el Dia de la Independencia mucho. Yo compré una caja con mi dinero.

Durante toda esa semana las tiendas venden un pan que se llama pan de guagua. Yo tengo un maestro que se llama Luis y él nos traia pan de guagua para mi hermano y para mí todas las clases.

 Después de las fiestas de Cuenca no hay muchas personas en los parques.

 Mi hermano y yo vamos todos los días a una piscina para nadar durante una hora y media.

Me gustan mucho los mercados y las plazas porque hay personas locales y ellos hablan muy bien español, y aprendo de ellos cuando escucho.

El clima de Cuenca cambia durante el día. Normalmente hace mucho sol en la mañana, y llueve mucho en la tarde. Es muy importante tener siempre un paraguas en la mochila por si acaso. Para mí el sitio más bonito es el “mirador del Turi” porque tú puedes ver toda la ciudad desde alli. 



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