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Perú so far.

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In this blog I will be talking about Perú so far, my experiences, my thoughts, where we’ve been, and finally what we’ve been doing for the last three weeks.

When I first arrived in Lima, on December 21st, I was sooo excited because I knew that we were going to be in Perú for the next month and a bit. I was really tired on the drive to our apartment because that day we had already driven three and a half hours to get to Guayaquil. After we got to Guayaquil we took an hour long flight to get to Lima.

When we got to our apartment, I felt too tired to even unpack, but I still had to. Our apartment was around two blocks from the beach. My parents said that we couldn’t go into the water because after Lima we would be going to a beach town for Christmas. We still got some nice walks along the beach. We were allowed to throw rocks in, not when somebody was straight in front of us though. My sister and I built big rock mountains so when a wave came we could stand on top of the mountain and laugh at the wave because it wouldn’t be able to touch us because we were too high.

Lima is one of the more civilized cities in South America. It has a little bit over ten million people, it is also one of the rich cities in South America. You would still see beggars though. It was really expensive, you couldn’t get a meal for less than seventy five soles for the whole family, which is about thirty Canadian dollars.

The apartment itself was pretty nice, the area that we were in was really nice, one of the nicer neighbourhoods in Lima. I wouldn’t go back to Lima again, only if I had to. It was neat to see a really big city like that though.

Huanchaco es un lugar muy pequeño cerca del ciudad de Trujillo. Huanchaco es en la costa oeste al lado del Océano Pacífico. Nos estábamos quedando en una Casa Naranja. Esa casa fue casi el casa más grande de todo Huanchaco.

Tiene una terraza que cuando el atardecer se acabo fue muy bonito. Casi todos los días fuimos a la playa, en la play hacemos “bodyboarding”. Fue muy divertido cuando mi padre vino conmigo porque el me empujó cuando una ola estaba viendo y yo cabalgué la ola. Todo el tiempo mi mama queda en la playa, estaba mirándonos porqué ella no le gusta agua fría. Yo estaba triste porque mama no venía conmigo.

A lot of the nights in Huanchaco we would go to the bakery on the corner of our street and buy a piece of pie. After we would buy the piece of pie we would go back to the house and maybe watch a couple of episodes of Friends, or watch a movie. The owners of the place lived at the house too. The house is basically like an apartment with three floors. We were staying on the second floor, and the owners were staying on the third floor. The owners’ names were Robby and Gina. They said that there were going to be other people staying on the first floor for a little bit of time while we were saying there too.

One of the days that we were there my sister and I ran along a beach that was sandy. We liked this beach because most of the other beaches were rocky. My sister and I would run really fast, at least that’s what it felt like. When a wave would come we would run even faster and try to dodge the wave. Sometimes when I ran, it felt like I was as fast as Usain Bolt. I knew I wasn’t, but it felt like it.

Christmas and New Year
Navidad fue un poquito diferente, porque no tuvimos nuestra familia. No tuvimos un árbol muy grande ni decoraciones. En la mañana del día de navidad mis padres dijeron que Papá Noel no pudo venir. Por eso ellos compraron un poquito de regalos para mi hermana y yo. Los regalos son los mismos que los en el calceta. Yo estaba feliz porque tuvimos un poquito de regalos. Fue una navidad diferente y un poquito triste.

New Years
New Years was a bit different than I thought it would be. The day before New Years it was really busy as people from the bigger city called Trujillo came to the beach. That night people partied from around 5pm to 7am the next day. When my parents woke up they said that they saw people drinking beer and snogging at 7:30am on the corner of the street. It was quite a bit busier in Huanchaco than I thought it would be.

Estoy enamorado para ir a La Valle Sagrado. Vamos a quedar en la Valle Sagrado para tres semanas. Yo e tenido un tiempo muy divertido en Lima y en el pueblito Huanchaco.

Gracias, Jasper

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  1. Another great blog, still hoping for your Dad to write a blog so I can compare it to yours & Macy’s excellent informative blogs. I like the pictures you posted with your blog, in particular the two smiling “Arthur’s” . I will be most interested in your train trip to see Machu Picchu & also what you see at Machu Picchu. Take care


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