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My adventures in the Sacred Valley – Part I

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In the Sacred Valley we went to Urubamba (which means spider in Quechua) and Pisac.

Pisac is a really really beautiful small little town with farm land and big lush mountains surrounding it. Our family did many hikes out of the area. One example was going to see big and extraordinary waterfalls, called Perolinyoc, with mist spraying at us. Also that same day we saw some amazing ruins. We ate lunch at the ruins and had an AMAZING view, and when I mean amazing, I mean amazing!!! We saw big mountains, cows and more.

We also did another hike to see more ruins, that hike was called Pisac Ruins. That day we just wanted to go for a walk, but instead we crossed a blue bridge hanging over a rushing loud roaring stream. From then on it was a whole new experience. We had to go through a lot of prickly bushes and through many ant hills. It was such an adventure!! There was a little bit of a wrinkle in our hike, and…… I’ll tell you why. It’s a very, very funny story. When we were walking up the intense, steep, hard, rock stairs (which, P.S we did not know that we were not supposed to be walking up until now) a guard came towards us. Our family was thinking, ”Okay we need to to act like we speak no Spanish and pretend to be confused because we did not buy the ticket. Here he comes!¨ The guard started talking in Spanish and my dad tried having a bad Spanish accent, but later told us he hated having a bad Spanish accent. The guard asked ¨Where is your ticket?”, but in Spanish. My dad responded, “I don’t have it,” in English; and again in Spanish, the guard responded with, “Go buy it at the top!”.

Meanwhile, when they were discussing the tickets and bleh bleh blehness, Jasper and I were laughing and turning away. I felt a little nervous that the guy was going to send more security over, but luckily he did not. At the end of the conversation my dad and the guard kindly shook hands and he let us move up the long set of stairs. When our family got to the top of the ruins, I was really tired and my legs were also very tired. At the top it was a really amazing view. It was totally worth the long hike. Still today I am very proud of myself!!!!!!!!!!

The people in Pisac were really nice, at least from my experience. They were also very different in many ways, such as how they live, eat and take care of their kids. The traditional ladies have very long hair and most of the time they have braids in it and yarn in the braids to keep the braids looking good all day. People also work very differently than in Calgary; for example the communities up in the mountains, or people farming out of nowhere. What I mean by this is that there can be a road and houses and then suddenly a section of farmland. Then while these people doing all of that fun stuff (at least I think it looks fun) other people are trying to earn money by selling things that are a tourist attraction so that tourists will buy their things….. and in the end everyone will be happy. Sometimes people even sell chickens in the market on Sundays, because they think that people will buy them for eggs.

Pisac es un pueblo muy, muy bonita. Porque hay montañas circundante el pueblo. Pero en Pisac hay muchas turistas. No me gusta este parte de Pisac. También hay muchas locales en la calle vendiendo recuerdos de Pisac y peluches como conejillos, conejos y muchas mas animales. Yo compré un peluche de un conejillo.

6 thoughts on “My adventures in the Sacred Valley – Part I

    1. Jasper…do you think the views are as amazing as the mountain views in Canmore or Kimberley? It’s probably pretty neat to see the people live a normal and productive daily life up there…whether it’s selling things to tourists, chickens or a cup of coffee!

      What shoes do you wear hiking I wonder?

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Macy next week! ~Jessica


    2. Great story Macy. A real adventure and lots of fun to read. You have a good sense of humor which is reflected in your storytelling. I can hardly wait for your next great story.
      I love you!


  1. Macy you write like are 10 years older,. yay our blog is very informative and always entertaining. I like the story about your Dad trying to act like he did not speak Spanish— pretty hard for you & Jasper not to laugh. I have to figure a way to translate your The Spanish part of your blog. Keep up your great writing & story telling.


  2. Hi Macy, great story, thanks. Tell Jasper we enjoyed reading his last blog entry as well. Always love hearing what you guys are up to.
    Uncle John and Auntie Patsy


  3. Macy I am very very proud of you too! You are pushing yourself to explore amazing parts of the world that not many other people have seen. I can’t wait to give you a big squeeze and look at loads of photos with you all when you are home.


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