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Amazon without mosquitoes

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By Jasper – Our trip to the Amazon was Feb. 14 – 18

The Amazon was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our family was in a group by ourselves so we got a lot of attention from our guide. We did so many different sightseeing activities but also some other different types.
The Amazon was not what I expected at all. One of the things that I didn’t expect was that there were not very many mosquitos at all. That surprised me because it was the wet season and normally in the wet season there are a lot of mosquitos. This surprised even our guide. Another thing that I didn’t expect was the heat. The regular temperature was around 38˚C. One thing that I was disappointed about was when we got to swim with the dolphins they didn’t come near us, and everybody else said that the dolphins came right near them. It was still really cool to swim around one foot away from DOLPHINS though!!!!!

Mi parte favorito de la selva Amazónica fue cuando fuimos en un bote para encontrar monos y encontramos dos tucanes, y tres búhos. También encontramos muchos monos, los monos vinieron en nuestro bote y jugaron, fue muy gracioso porque los monos son muy pequeños y jugaban casi básicamente a dos pies de distancia de nosotros. Unos diez minutos después de que vimos el mono, comenzó a llover muy fuerte. Nuestro guía dijo eso cuando estaba lloviendo un poquito. Yo pensé que el fue muy inteligente en la selva Amazónica.

One day we went looking for Anacondas on foot. One part that I didn’t like very much was that it was so hot…almost 40˚C! We saw quite a few capybaras, a couple of lizards that were actually a good size, and lots of cool birds. The two coolest animals that we saw during the walk were a green snake that was around 1.5 feet long and a couple of caimans getting hot in the sun, or some other ones just peeking their head out of the water.

The eco-lodge accommodation where we stayed was actually quite comfortable; surprisingly it was a big area. In the big area there were a number of huts, one of which was for our family. An unusual event happened when we were staying there: there was a frog in our toilet, which I think got there by the pipe system. Also, there was a bat in our house that I never actually got to see, but the rest of my family did. In the mornings or when we came back from an activity, there would be bat poop and frog poop all over the place. Luckily, we had the mosquito nets over our beds so they could not poop directly on our beds!! There were also Howler Monkeys hanging out high up in the trees in the area, and a few times we saw them go to the bathroom (number 1 and 2) and watched it fall all the way to the ground.. splat!!

At the eco-lodge, there was also a large cabin where you could relax or play pool. I tried to go up there everyday, and I did. It was really fun because I really like to play all of the games like Ping-Pong, foosball, shuffleboard, and of course pool. My favourite is Ping-Pong though. Anyway, back to the Amazon. One more thing that I was surprised and happy about was that all of our meals were made for us and I really liked all of the meals. It makes sense to me now, but I didn’t think of it when we were in the Amazon that they have to bring all of the food by boat. This idea only occurred to me after we left the Amazon.

La selva Amazónica es un lugar muy interesante. Todos los animales son muy interesantes y la comida es muy buena si vas a la compañía Mashaquipe, el la pequeña ciudad donde comienzas la selva Amazónica es también muy agradable y acogedora. El ciudad se llama Rurrenabaque, solo tiene 15,000 personas.



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