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Bye Bye Cuenca

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*****By the way this was supposed to be posted over a week ago

Oh my gosh………   Cuenca is coming to an end. That also means that we are getting closer to the Galapagos. Our first set of grandparents are gone, but our next set of grandparents are coming tomorrow. I bet they are really tired.😴😴

Jasper and I have not been doing lots of schoolwork because the grandparents have been here. Buttttt I am okay with that because I despise homework.

My mom, my brother and I recently had our last lesson with Luis. He is our Spanish teacher. At the last lesson Luis had prepared lots of games. My daddy could not join because he had to go pick up our abuelos. Buttttt he was able to join half way into the lesson. We gave Luis wine and some new whiteboard markers as a thank you gift.

I will not miss hearing the  sounds of the noisy streets, the smell of the gas from city buses and cigarettes, and last but not least, I will not miss the dog poop in front of our house.  I will miss Cuenca, Hacienda Chan Chan, and most of all I will miss my friends in the daycare that I volunteered at. I will also not miss the “cook- a- doodle- dooing” and the weird dog barking in the middle of the night!!!!!


Here are the differences between Cuenca and Calgary. The first difference is that in Cuenca when there is a festival, they put a time to show you when it will be “starting”. However, when you arrive at that time the people that are performing are still just practicing. It is pretty annoying, but we are really lucky to be in America del sur. Locals have activities like we Calgarians have too, but when locals don’t want to go to their activities they will skip it. I think that is pretty mean to the teammates and the coach because A) you have committed to a team, and B) what if your team has started a fun game and made teams and you show  up the first day but not the next day, then your coach has to make a whole new team? Anyway back to differences…, Cuenca says “Markosoft” instead of “Microsoft”, which is pretty weird.  South America also puts Guacamole on their burgers. Cuenca also puts 60 seconds on the signal for crossing the road, whereas in Canada there is only 20 seconds. I find that so far South America and Cuenca are night people, meaning they tend to do more activities at night than in the morning like exercising and festivals. Ecuador also has cobblestone roads because some towns like Cuenca are really old; whereas in Calgary we have all paved roads because we are a younger city.

Andean monkeys are little stinkers because they sneakily steal your food. The Andean monkey is at the Amaru zoo. They are yellow, fuzzy and really cute, but when they want to steal your food they are not cute.  When you’re trying to shoo them away they grrrrr at you. I got really scared because this one boy was poking at a monkey and then the monkey got mad and jumped on him like it was a rope or something. Also because my mom was shooing the Andean monkeys away but they were not scared surprisingly. When they people who worked at the zoo came and shooed them away I was not as scared. One of the Andean monkeys stole someone’s jello and took it to a tree.

Cuando estuvimos caminando para ver a los muy grande monos, mi papa vio algunas personas alimentándose los monos unas botellas plásticos. Y las mismas personas trataron de dar otra botella plástica a los monos. Y mi papa dijo, “la botella no es para los monos”. ¡Me sentí muy enojado porque cuando mi papa agarró el plástico las mujeres no dijeron “gracias” y plástico no es para todos los animales!!!!


Oh boy…. that drive was a mess and I will tell you the reasons why. First of all we were in a car for four hours and Jasper, we all know, gets carsick and sometimes so do I. Jasper and I kept asking what is the road going to be like but my parents didn’t know because they had never driven to Guayaquil, that was also a reason why.  When we started getting  on the main road it started getting really windy…..I mean really windy! I hated it. When we stopped for a snack after the windy-ness it was really humid.

Mom got out of the car first, then me, then Jasper and then Jasper’s food came out of his mouth next. It was really gross!It splattered all over the ground and grass, but luckily there was a really kind cleaning lady that cleaned it up and gave Jasper 3 limes and some salt to suck on.

After Jasper vomiting, it was time to get back in the car.

The rest of the road was flat.  👌

I am looking forward to lots more adventures in the future!!!!!!!!!

Much thanks to Cuenca for being good to me!!!!!!!!!!!


Cuenca - Macy

Fun times at Hacienda Chan Chan

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Hacienda Chan Chan is a dairy and working farm near Chiquintad, a small town kind of close to Cuenca. They named it Hacienda Chan Chan because Chan Chan is a river right next to the farm.

Milking Cows
When our family was at the farm Jasper and I got to milk some cows bare hand. It was really fun, I had never had a chance to milk cows in my life. The family that owned the farm had about 30 milking cows. A lot of the cows were embarazada (which means pregnant in Spanish). A machine milked the cows, but the workers let me milk them just to try it. The cows are milked at 5:30 am and 3:00pm, 2 times a day. Wow that’s a lot!!!!!

Patsy is a donkey and Fiona is a caballo. They are really nice. Patsy was a snuggle bunny so she really likes kids and snuggles. Fiona the horse was not trained yet, because she was only two.

There was a girl named Gwen (one of the kids who lived on the farm) and she said that Fiona was going to be her horse when Fiona was trained. I was able to go horseback riding on a horse named Ben. Ben was a bit stubborn but I am still grateful that I even got to hop on a horse at a working dairy farm. When we were done riding Ben we were told just to take off the saddle tie him up to the post again. So we did, but Ben kept neighing and neighing because he wanted his friends. Of course my mom wanted Jasper and I to go tell Julie (she owns the farm with her husband Luke) what we should do with Ben. Julie said just leave him there, and…that’s what we did. But about half an hour later I saw Ben trotting to a field of barley. I told my mom, Ben is running to a field of barley. Mom said it is okay.

The next day my dad and I went to see if Ben was okay. So I went first, and saw that Ben was still in the spot eating away. I noticed that the rope was on him from the day before. I grabbed the rope and got Ben to walk with me. He was kind of trotting so I got a little scared and let go of the rope. Ben stopped so I tried to get a hold of it again. I could not because he almost bucked me right in the head. Luckily he didn’t.

After a little while my dad finally came, and we helped Ben into the other field but we just couldn’t quite figure out how to get him past the fence.

On the last day when we had to say goodbye to Patsy and Fiona I cried because I did not want to leave them. When everyone else left I was still there with Patsy and Fiona, but when my dad was walking towards me I walked closer to Patsy and Fiona.

My dad called out “you will want to hear this”. He told me that Julie comes into town every Friday and maybe one of those Fridays we can have a sleep over at the farm. Now I am happy about that because we will get to have a sleepover in 2 weeks and stay at the farm again with Lyall Nash and Sheryl Nash (my grandparents).

Adios hacienda Chan Chan

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Día de la Independencia

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What’s happening in Cuenca? 

It is currently November 8, 2017. I am getting so excited for Hacienda Cha Chan (Hacienda Chan Chan is a dairy farm). We are going to the farm on Friday and it is Wednesday early night.

I am really tired because today was an exhausting today, as I hiked to a viewpoint with a church. The church is called la Iglesia de Turi. To the church it is about a ONE-HOUR walk. It is on the other side of the city. You have the option to take a tour bus but our family walks.

Half of the way is walking to the stairs and the other half is going up the stairs. I have done Turi three times. I did a walk there today, another one yesterday and one time in October. Turi is pretty easy for me because I have done it 3 times. The viewpoint is beautiful, you can see all of Cuenca. You can even see Cajas, a hiking spot. I would go up there every day if I could.

Independence holiday is over!!!!!

Nooooooooooo!!!!! Independence day here is apparently a popular thing. Tents are set up. People stay up late, music when I am trying to sleep. But after Independence Day is over there are not a lot people walking around, no more festivals, and last but not least no more stages.  

It was really weird last night there WERE FIRE WORKS, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS not Independence Day. Anyway back to Independence Day. Independence day was a really big holiday. SOMETIMES MY mom would even go check out some of the festivalS that were happening at night. When she was out my brother my dad and I would be watching a movie or doing something else.  

Near our house there is a park called “Parque De La Madre”. In the park there were tents set up with people selling crafts and decorations. Some people were selling boxes made out of wood; people were also selling scarves, bracelets, and posters, spectacular things made out of metal. I thought it was really cool to see things in Ecuador that I have never seen in my life. I miss Independence Day. 

Get this, sometimes when my mom would arrive and my brother and I would Already Be in bed. One time, when I was getting ready for bed and reaching out for my pajamas, I saw this gigantic spider. It was so big that I cried, my dad heard me crying so he came over to my room but he could not see any spider. He said “Macy what’s wrong?” I said “there is a spider in my room”. My dad thought it was just a little spider, but when he saw it in his mind he said to himself OH MY GOSH THAT IS BIG. Luckily, we caught the spider and put it outside.

By the way this was supposed to be posted about a week ago.

Extraño el Dia de la Independencia porque no voy a regresar. En el Dia de la Independencia hay artesanos con decoraciones. Además hay muchos festivales. También hay personas cantando y bailando. Me gusta el Dia de la Independencia mucho. Yo compré una caja con mi dinero.

Durante toda esa semana las tiendas venden un pan que se llama pan de guagua. Yo tengo un maestro que se llama Luis y él nos traia pan de guagua para mi hermano y para mí todas las clases.

 Después de las fiestas de Cuenca no hay muchas personas en los parques.

 Mi hermano y yo vamos todos los días a una piscina para nadar durante una hora y media.

Me gustan mucho los mercados y las plazas porque hay personas locales y ellos hablan muy bien español, y aprendo de ellos cuando escucho.

El clima de Cuenca cambia durante el día. Normalmente hace mucho sol en la mañana, y llueve mucho en la tarde. Es muy importante tener siempre un paraguas en la mochila por si acaso. Para mí el sitio más bonito es el “mirador del Turi” porque tú puedes ver toda la ciudad desde alli. 



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Nuestra experiencia con los niños.

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Mí Experiencia – Jasper

I have never volunteered in my life. So it was kind of a surprise when my mom and dad said that we were going to volunteer at a daycare. I was nervous because they only spoke Spanish and I was still learning the language. About an hour before we left for the daycare, I got “nervous poo” and/or butterflies in my stomach. I thought that all of the kids were going to be sucking their thumbs. Gross! Either that, or just sitting on their bums doing nothing. Boring! The daycare was located in a plaza, I forget the name of the plaza. I still know that it was in a plaza. When we got to the plaza there were two Caucasian, American ladies that were going to be helping us out. One was from Minneapolis, and I think the other was from Oregon; which meant that they spoke English. Phew! Sadly one of them was a little bit deaf.

The daycare was in a school, and the school was huge! I think that it was junior high and high school. Wow, two big sections of grades in one school! That never happens in Calgary. When I saw the kids at the daycare, some of them looked very tired and a bit ragged, and their mom’s were really young. I would never want to be in that situation, but I still feel badly for them. Also, I felt badly for them because they were going to get picked up at around 10:00 o’clock pm after their moms were finished their schooling. Wow that’s late! It turned out that they were some of the nicest, funniest and loving kids in the world that I have ever met. They varied in all ages: there were some that were two, and others who only came on Thursdays that were eight and nine years old. The younger kids were a little more fun, I have to admit.

There was this one two year old, I’m pretty sure his name was Coli. He was the most fun toddler that I have ever met. He turned out to be my best friend. He was a very, very squirmy kid! At one point I was piggybacking him and he had no hands on me. I got really scared that he was going to fall off, so I told my mom and she took him for the time that he was going to be on my back. It seemed like all of the little kids wanted to grab on to you and just hold you until you really had to do something, like go to the bathroom.

Luckily the kids got to have dinner at the daycare because the two ladies that we met at the start brought dinner. The dinner was a sausage casserole; they only gave the kids a little bit because there were a lot of them. They could have seconds though. There was enough that Macy and I got to try some. It was just ok…. well…actually I didn’t like it very much! All of the kids really liked it though, and that’s what’s most important.

After dinner we went outside because the teacher didn’t bring the keys for the classroom. I felt really badly for her. Still it was really fun outside. We played a lot of different games. The first one that we played was almost like a hide and seek game. It was really fun. At one point during the game, Coli just wandered off and people went to search for him. I found him first so I asked him if he wanted to try to find people with me. Of course, I asked in Spanish because that’s the only language that he knows of. It was soooooooooo funny watching the little kids run. It was like my walk, but they were still trying their hardest.

The second game that we played was pretty fun too. I don’t know what it was called, so I will try to explain it the best that I can. There were two or three people in the middle, depending on the age of the people. All of the other people that weren’t in the circle were holding hands and singing a song. After we were done singing, the people in the middle, who were the wolves, would say if they wanted to eat us or if they were just doing something completely random. If they said they wanted to eat you, you would have to scram immediately or else they would “eat” you. It was not very hard because the kids were pretty slow.

By 8:30pm, it was getting pretty late, so we had to go. It was the first and the most fun experience of volunteering de mi vida. Luckily we get to go every Tuesday and Thursday until we leave for our next place. I hope that next time we go we get to see inside the classroom.

Adios Jasper Me gusta los niños y niñas mucho.


Mí Experiencia – Macy

Omg…. I had the time of my life four days ago. I volunteered at a daycare for young mamas that did not complete their school and they are advancing their education now.

The way it works is the kids would go to school for the day in their hometown, then the mamas would do a one hour drive to drop them off at 5:00 at the Cuenca daycare, then the mamas would go to their classes for 4 hours. After their classes the moms would come and pick up the kids.

The kids would probably be really tired because they are really young kids. It would then be a one hour bus ride home and the kids would not be in bed until about 11:00 pm. They would have to wake up at about 6:30am the next day.

I have never volunteered in my life, it was a pretty good experience volunteering. We did not once touch a toy, and the kids still had a blast. We had a sausage casserole for dinner. There was enough dinner for me and my brother to have some, it was really yummy.

All I had to do to help was just basically play with the kids. I made a friend, she was nine years old. I taught her how to do cartwheels. There was this one girl that was just starting grade one, she became my dad’s best friend.

The kids were awesome to play with. I felt like the kids liked having another kid to play with, it looked they had a great time. I think my brother, my dad, my mom and me had a great time.

Adios amigos Macy

Cuenca - Macy

Pools and palabras.

October 18 2017
Yesterday late morning a teacher came over named Luis. It was my first time having him over. He was a great teacher, he taught me about different objects in the house. I already have homework. The homework is pretty easy. Luis was a different teacher in a way that I have not seen. We talked in Spanish the whole time……… he said that if I do not understand a word in Spanish he will tell me. He taught me Spanish for 45 minutes. He also taught my brother for 45 minutes, then my mom for one hour.

After he taught me and Jasper, we decided to go to a swimming pool. It was a thirty minute walk from our house. The swimming pool was huge, the lanes were 50 meters!!!!! I did 2 laps, which was 100 meters; my brother did 3 laps, which was 150 meters; and my dad did 8 laps, which was 400 meters. In the swimming pool there was also a gigantic hot tub. The pool was an a Olympic pool. There were 7 diving boards including a flipped up spring board. I went off of a 1 metre and a 3 metre diving board. The three metre board was pretty scary because the ladder to get up to it was straight up, but when you got to the top it was still a tiny bit scary.  After you jumped off you would want to do it A MILLION more times because it was really fun. There was this one spot in the hot tub that was cold. I really liked that spot because when I felt sick, but still wanted to stay in the tub, I could go to that spot. After we got dressed we were pretty hungry so we got to go to a McDonald’s and share 2 medium Cokes and 3 medium fries 🍟. That helped a lot!!!!!!!!

 Ayer yo voy a una piscina con mi hermano y mi papa. La piscina es una olímpico piscina. La piscina tiene 6 trampolínes.  !Me gusta la piscina mucho!!!
This was supposed to be posted but I forgot to edit it with my mom!!!
Cuenca - Macy

A day in the life in Cuenca.

Sunday the 15 2017
Omg…….. I am so excited to go to  a dairy farm. An American family owns it, we are going to stay there for three nights.  I am also excited to go back to Calgary and maybe get a hamster 🐹. I really want one because my cousins just got one yesterday, and because they are cute.  I also  think I have enough money because the hamster itself is only about twelve dollars and the cage is about $100,  but my brother and I are going to combine our money for the clear ball, the toys and the bedding. My brother wants to get a hamster too, but he has $300 so we would probably be able to get a hamster.

Anyway, today was a long day because we walked to a mall to spend $25 from my dad’s friend Ryan Cowie and his wife Jenn.  We got it to spend in South America and get a little something along the way, it was really nice of them to do that. The walk to the mall was about forty minutes, but that mall did not have anything we wanted to buy.  So my dad looked at other malls near by and there was one that was a seven minute drive so we took a cab there.  Jasper even sat in the front and told the taxi driver in Spanish where we wanted to go next. That mall was much bigger and had way more floors. It also had a bigger food court and even bungee jumping for little kids, which I thought was pretty cute.

We decided to look at some stores. After looking in a few stores we all noticed that we were pretty hungry, so of course we went to the food court and ate some food 🥘. There was an arcade in the food court, so my dad said to go look and see how much it was. He gave us enough money to play a few games each.  One of the arcade games caught on fire and they had to use a fire extinguisher on it!

Next we decided to walk home.  Mother Nature cried so hard, which means it poured rain on us. After that exhausting walk, I came running to our house and had something to eat and wrote my blog.

A few days ago I had the biggest calzone I have ever seen in my life!  Here is a picture of it.
I just cannot stop 🛑  thinking 🤔 about going to the dairy 🥛 farm!!  I am just so excited 😆
Here is a link to the farm we will hopefully be going to:
See you next time when once again I am in the dairy farm or before.