We are on the plane to go to Quito. I am already getting butterflies in my tummy.

It is currently 8:15pm Quito time. The plane is pretty bumpy. I got a little scared the first few bumpy parts because I did not know what it was. The plane was just driving through some thick clouds. I am pretty tired even though it is only 8:15 because I have been waking up at pretty early times, such as 5:00am and this morning 6:00am. Right now I am watching “27 Dresses”, but I had to pause it because of course I have to do the blog. Anyway, back to South America things 🙂

I really hope I can swim in an ocean in Galapagos Islands with sea turtles, sting rays, fish, dolphins and penguins. My dad’s friend really likes penguins and he is coming to the Galapagos to visit us. I am pretty sure that he, Al, is looking forward to seeing penguins and of course us, the Nash’s.

Me gusta las aviones muchas. Yo soy en un avion ahora y yo soy muy feliz.

Mi mama no habla Español.

Adios amigos




2 thoughts on “Macy

  1. What a great writer you are, we enjoy hearing what you are doing. Assume you are speaking lots of Spanish. The Church you told us about was very historical & must have very interesting to see. Take care


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