Starting in Quito

Oct 4, 2017 Quito Ecuador
It started sunny today when we were walking in Quito. We walked to Carolina Parque. We spoke a lot of Spanish. Today we are staying in Ramiro’s daughter’s apartment. He was the guy who picked us up from the airport😁.

I did not want to sleep in the bed that I was supposed to because it was 11:00 pm at night. Today we went to a store. I noticed some things were different about Calgary stores and Quito stores, such as in Calgary everything is in English, but of course in Quito stores, everything is in Spanish.


One thing that I did not know is that there is one whole aisle filled with Coca Cola!! Also, there are people selling things everywhere, such as candy, dream catchers, makeup and slushies.

We stopped and played in a park for a little while, then it was time to walk back. While we were walking back we saw this man who had two soccer balls ⚽️ to be butt cheeks and two even bigger soccer balls to be his chest.


He was also wearing a dress and a girly hat. He was selling little things and even pushed a baby in a baby swing. He sold something to a couple I am not sure 🤔 what. We had brunch and ordered in Español.

ME GUSTA QUITO MUCHO!!!!!! En Quito es lluviando mucho ahora.

7 thoughts on “Starting in Quito

  1. I hope you like Cuenca! We thought it was a little calmer than Quito😀 Hopefully you can stop in Banos and see the active volcano smoking😉 It was a beautiful place. Have fun!!!


  2. The grocery store sounds quite different. Super mercado?
    Fine to have lots of Cola but what about peanut butter? Do you use cash or a credit card?
    How do you like your apartment? Is it up 12 floors? Please take a picture and show me your room.

    Love hearing from you. Papa Eldon


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