My first day in Quito…


It was super cool watching the guys play with the soccer ball. They were going super fast and it seemed like they didn’t even have it for more than 5 seconds. The only part that I saw was when they were playing a keep away game while the goalies were doing goalie drills. The field that they were playing on had lots of bumps and it had some rocks, it was not the best of the best fields, but they still passed the ball very precisely. Sometimes a guy would kick it too high, but the guy that was receiving just knocked it down with his body or with his feet. I hope that someday I will be as good as those guys.

Also in that day we went to a park called Parque Carolina. At Parque Carolina, there were multiple different types of parks. The ones that we went to were the fitness one, the regular one, and then one that had the same structure about 6 or 7 different times. At the fitness one there were rings and soooooo many different high, chin-up bars. We only stayed there for about 10 minutes.


Then we went to a regular park where my sister and I played try to touch the ground. We stayed there for only about 15 minutes. Finally we went to the park that had the same structure 6 times. A lot of things happened at this park. First weird thing, was that my sister and I went on little baby rides just for fun and pushed each other around. Then there was this guy who said it cost a dollar for 10 minutes. I was thinking, “What the heck?”. I went back to my mom and dad and they said, “He just wanted money”. Second weird thing was that there was this guy who had two soccer balls that he put on his bum cheeks that enlarged it so it made it really big. It was the weirdest thing that I have ever seen!

Cuando vemos al supermercado la mayoria de las cosas son differentes, pero algunas de las cosas son mismos. Las cosas que son differentes son hay mucho differentes tipos de tomates hay muchas differentes nueces. Los que son mismos son los papas fritas, las sabores de unas chocolates y unas caramelos/dulces. El supermercado es tan grande como la tienda Costco en Calgary pero solo vendo comida.


4 thoughts on “My first day in Quito…

  1. So well written that I feel like I am there with you on the soccer and other fields. As I understand the climate in Ecuador, you are in the rainy season. It should change by January. Papa Eldon


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