Today we had a respite from the torrential downpours we have been getting every afternoon, and made the most of it by doing a “hike/walk” around Parque Metropolitano. The Park is absolutely massive, twice the size of Central Park and complete with wild llamas. I checked my phone a few times and at points we were above 3000m (close to 10,000 ft) above sea level. Amazing how the body can adapt to such fluctuations.

We did have an only in South America moment last night. Around 12:30am, we were jolted out of bed by a series of excessively loud bangs, it seemed and felt like they were right outside our 12th floor window. Emily quietly said “do you think those are gunshots?”. Seeing as how I am an expert in firearms, I calmly stated, “no, those aren’t loud enough”. WTF.

We waited a few minutes, sure enough, same loud bangs. I looked out our bathroom window, and we had full scale fireworks going off about 300m from our building…in the middle of a residential area. Not sure that would have passed city regulations in Calgary.

Just another wonderful and intriguing curiosity of being in South America.



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